MSSCCI Providers for Subversion

The Subversion project does not offer an “official” MSSCCI Provider for Subversion. Still you need one to work with Ivercy and the Subversion version control system. There are several products available by third parties that meet this requirement.

For your convenience, we compiled this list of providers we tested with Ivercy. Unfortunately at the time of this writing, all of them have at least some minor issues. We integrated some compatibility options in Ivercy to deal with most of these issues, but we cannot smooth out all of them.

That being said, we still consider all the of the providers fit for production use, as long as you are aware of their shortcomings and do not consider some flaw inacceptable for your particular way of working.


AgentSVN is an MSSCCI provider for Subversion, implemented as a wrapper around the svn.exe command line client. It is a commercial product, developed by the Australian company Xidicone.

Our assessment of AgentSVN


  • The implementation supports the full feature set of Ivercy, albeit with some manual workarounds required for infrequent operations. (Compatibility options required in Ivercy’s configuration)

  • Has some nice features, we haven't seen anywhere else yet. Like the ability to 'break locks' right during check out.

  • Responsive and helpful customer support including a customer support forum

  • Quick release of bug fixes for most problems we reported during our compatibility tests.

  • Extensive and comprehensible status output in the SCC output window


  • The configuration options are limited, but sufficient for common scenarios


  • The implementation of the folder selection dialog for “Add projects to …” and “Create projects from SCC” is not MSSCCI-compliant. This requires manual preparation/workaround by the user

  • The user interface for configuration is not very intuitive and could be more user friendly.

Download the AgentSVN-MSSCCI-provider from the Website for AgentSVN


TamTamSVN is an MSSCCI provider for Subversion. It is a commercial product developed by Fieldston LLC. Its core Subversion connectivity is provided by the svn.exe command line utility.

Our assessment of TamTamSVN


  • TamTamSVN supports all features of the MSSCCI-API used by Ivercy without manual workarounds necessary (Compatibility options required in Ivercy’s configuration)

  • Extensive and comprehensible status output in the SCC output window

  • Responsive customer support that helps with any problems with the product

  • Issues we encountered with this product during implementing and testing Ivercy were swiftly addressed


  • The configuration options are limited, but sufficient for common scenarios


  • This provider is noticeably slower than the other MSSCCI Providers for Subversion

Download the TamTamSVN-MSSCCI-provider from the Website for TamTamSVN


This product is developed by the Russian company PushOK-Software. They have a very long history of developing MSSCCI provider for open source version control software as CVS, Subversion and git. Other than the other two Subversion providers this provider is based on the COM-Wrappers to Subversion.

Our assessment of Push-Ok-SVN-SCC


  • Fairly intuitive and easy to use configuration user interface

  • Extensive configuration options to support a variety of scenarios

  • Very fast implementation as no inter-process-communication to svn.exe is required.


  • The customer support for this product is abysmal

  • This product has a bug with exclusive locks (check-outs) that make this feature hard to use (requires tedious manual workaround)

Do not use any 1.8.*-version yet. These are currently not ready for production use. (as of 2015-07-15)

Download the Push-OK-SVN-SCC-MSSCCI-provider from the Website for PushOK-SVN-SCC-Proxy