MSSCCI Provider - What? Why? Where?

What is an MSSCCI-Provider and why do I need one?

MSSCCI (Microsoft Source Code Control Integration) is an API specification, written by Microsoft, for an interface to version control systems. IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) like Microsoft Visual Studio or other development tools can use the API, to integrate source code control features into their user interface.

Ivercy uses the MSSCCI API to interact with the source code control system too. Hence you have to install an MSSCCI-Provider for your SCC-System for Ivercy to work.

Where do I get the MSSCCI-Provider?

Usually the vendor of your version control software will provide one. It might either be automatically included in the client installation for the source code control system or it should be available for download from the vendor’s website.

We compiled this list for the systems currently supported by Ivercy.

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

The MSSCCI-Provider for Visual SourceSafe is included in the (Client) installation of SourceSafe.

Team Foundation Server / Azure DevOps - MSSCCI Provider

Microsoft has released several MSSCCI-Provider for the different versions of TFS and Azure DevOps. These are the current download links:

A system requirement for the TFS MSSCCI Provider is Team Explorer. Unless you have got a version of Visual Studio installed, which already includes Team Explorer, please download and install Team Explorer too.

Team Explorer is available for download from Microsoft. However, you either need a free Visual Studio Dev Essentials account or a MSDN-Subscription to download Team Explorer.

If you are logged into that account you should find Team Explorer 2013 by using this link:

Sourcegear Vault

The MSSCCI-Provider is included in the standard “Client” installation package provided by Sourcegear.


There is no “official” MSSCCI-Provider for Subversion, but there are several third-party-products available.

MSSCCI Providers for Subversion

We assessed all those products and provide more details in our overview of MSSCCI Providers for Subversion.

What if I’m still having problems?

If you still encounter error messages from Ivercy regarding the SCC-Provider, after you installed it, please check this FAQ-Article about Ivercy not recognizing the SCC-Provider.