How to solve issues with Ivercy not loading

Ivercy should be automatically loaded in Microsoft Access when it is installed. However, there are a couple of situations where this does not work as intended.

The most obvious symptom of these situations is that you do not see the Ivercy ribbon tab in the Access UI.

To get this issue solved, go to “File” in the Ribbon and then to “Options” (lower left corner). In the Access Options dialog select the tab “Add Ins” on the left.

List of Add-ins in the Access Options dialog

Now check in which of the sections of the list Ivercy is in.

Active Application Add-ins

If Ivercy is listed here, everything should be fine. If this is the case but you still do not see the Ivercy Ribbon tab, this would be an exotic edge case (never happened yet). - Please contact Ivercy support.

Inactive Application Add-ins

In this section are add-ins that are not loaded for a variety of reasons.

The first step you should try if Ivercy is listed there, is to select “COM Add-ins” in the “Manage:” drop down at the bottom of the dialog and click “OK”. In the COM Add-ins dialog set the checkmark for Ivercy and click “OK”.

Ideally Ivercy should load now, be listed in the “Active Application Add-ins” section and the problem is solved. However, this is often not the case.

If Ivercy is still not loaded, please open the COM Add-Ins dialog again. Select Ivercy in the list of Add-ins and look at the “Load Behavior” line at the bottom of the dialog.

Not loaded. The user selected to disable macros.

If the there is a message saying “Not loaded. The user selected to disable macros.”, go back to the Access Options dialog, select the “Trust Center” tab and click the “Trust Center Settings” button. There go to the “Add-ins” tab and uncheck all of the options to disable Add-Ins. (If your organization only allows signed add-ins, please contact Ivercy support. This is on our agenda but not a priority.)

Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.

[insert not loaded error screenshot]

Ivercy COM Add-in showing the 'Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.' message

The message “Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.” can have multiple causes.

Wrong Bitness (32 vs 64bit)

The most common cause for this problem is that you installed Ivercy for the wrong bitness of your Access installation. If you got 32bit Access installed, you need to install the 32bit edition of Ivercy even if your Windows installation is 64bit.

Only if you got Access 64bit, you need the 64bit edition of Ivercy.

Even if you are reasonably sure about the bitness of your installation, please double check if you experience this problem. The default installation of Office 365 was switched from 32bit to 64bit a couple of months ago.

To check the bitness of your Access installation, start Access, go to the “Account” tab in the Backstage (File tab in the Ribbon) and click the “About Access“ button. The About Access dialog will show the bitness of your installation.

'About Access' dialog showing the bitness of the Access installation

If you noticed, you installed the wrong edition, the recommend way to solve this is to uninstall the wrong edition of Ivercy and then download and install the correct edition.

Moved or deleted program files

Ivercy’s program files are usually either installed into the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Ivercy or into the %PROGRAMFILESX86%\Ivercy directory. If this directory was renamed, moved, or the files deleted, this would cause the above error message.

To solve this either rename / move the file to their original location or go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features to uninstall and then reinstall Ivercy.

.Net Framework upgraded

If the .Net Framework was upgraded on your computer from version 2.0 to 4.x and the 2.0 Framework removed after Ivercy was installed, this would also trigger the above error message.

The easiest solution for this case is to uninstall and reinstall Ivercy.

Administrator account with UAC disabled

If you are running Access with an Windows Administrator account and also have User Account Control (UAC) disabled (=”Never notify”) this can also trigger the error message mentioned above.

This is no recommended configuration, neither by Microsoft nor by us! The recommended solution is to use a non-administrator account to log into Windows for work in Microsoft Access and/or set the UAC level to one of the recommended settings, as indicated in the User Account Control Settings dialog.

If you absolutely must work with an administrator account with UAC turned off, please uninstall Ivercy and reinstall it with the “For all users” option. This will then also work in this scenario.

Disabled Application Add-ins

Disabled add-ins basically work, but they have been disabled by Access because automatic crash analysis determined that they were involved in an Access crash. This may happen from time to time. Ivercy integrates deeply into the window message processing of Access. If Access crashes for whatever reason, it is likely that Ivercy code was running during the crash. – We are currently not aware of any situation were Ivercy itself actually causes Access crashing.

To solve the problem, select “Disabled Items” in the “Manage:” drop down at the bottom of the dialog and click “OK”. In the Disabled Items dialog select Ivercy and click “Enable” and then close the dialog.

This should solve the problem already. It is recommended that you restart Access before you continue to work on your project.