How to create a local copy of an Access-DB with a new TFS Workspace

This step by step guide is intended for getting a local copy of an Access project already in your TFS repository with Ivercy for the very first time.

If you add your first database to TFS the steps are the almost identical.

If you already created a dedicated workspace for Ivercy, you can reuse that existing workspace and do not need to create a new one.

Step 1 – Add a new Workspace

When creating a local copy of your Access database from the TFS repository, please create a dedicated workspace for your work with Ivercy. To do this, click the Add button in the Choose Folder in TFS dialog.

Step 2 – Create the Workspace

In the Add Workspace dialog enter a new memorable name for the workspace and click OK.

Step 3 – Select the local folder (or name the repository folder)

Now select the newly created workspace in the Choose Folder dialog. Then click Browse to select the local folder. I suggest you create a completely new folder for the local working dir. This folder should be outside any local folder hierarchy that is mapped to a TFS repository already.

If you are getting a local copy, make sure you selected the repository folder location containing the database’s source files.

If you are not in the process of getting a working copy, but adding a new database to Team Foundation Server you should type in the name of the folder in the repository that shall be created for your project instead of a selecting a local folder.

Step 4 – Create Project

Finally click OK, to create the database or add it to the repository.

The next time …

The next time you create a local copy of an Access project from TFS or add a new database to TFS, you can reuse the workspace created in these 4 steps. You do not need to create a new workspace for each database.

Guidelines to avoid trouble with TFS Workspaces

Use a dedicated TFS workspace for working with Ivercy.

Adhere to the constraints listed here when dealing with this dedicated workspace.

  • Do not use this workspace with other tools (e.g. the MS-SCC-Plugin).

  • Use this workspace with Team Explorer only if you are explicitly working on files from the managed Access databases (e.g. for restoring a deleted file).

  • Never manually add or change folder mappings within that workspace in Team Explorer.

    You can delete folder mappings manually, if you are going to create a new working copy in another local folder.

  • You can safely use the same workspace for multiple different Ivercy/Access projects.

You can read more on the underlying issues in the article Issues with Team Foundation Server Workspaces.