Microsoft Access Source Code Control Add-In cannot create Database from SCC-Repository

Q: I created an Access Database and added it to my source code control repository using Ivercy. Now I want to create a local Database from the repository using the Microsoft Source Code Control Add-In, but I get the error "Failed to create a new database based on a SourceSafe project." and the local Database is not created.

A: The Microsoft Access Source Code Control Add-In needs the additional file YourDatabaseName.ACX to create the local Access Database from the source code control repository. Ivercy does not create this file because it does not need it.

You can create this file in any text editor and add it manually to the folder in your repository that contains the files for your Access Database using your source code control client application.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <SCCProperties xmlns="">

The highlighted text needs to be adapted to your database type. Insert the following corresponding to your file type:

  • Access 2010 AccDb: sccFileFormatAccess2010
  • Access 2010 ADP: sccFileFormatAccessADP2010
  • Access 2010 MDB: sccFileFormatAccessMDB2010

After adding this file to your repository folder, you can create the local database with the Microsoft Access Source Code Control Add-In.