Ivercy Features

These are the core features that are included in the first release of Ivercy.

Microsoft Access integration

Ivercy not only integrates into the Access Ribbon and into the Access context menu, but also integrates deeply into the Access Navigation pane and displays the object's current SCC-Status through additional icons in the navigation pane.

You can do most common source code control operations, like CheckOut, CheckIn and Get Latest Version without ever leaving your Microsoft Access Development Environment. You will always know your object's status by visual information provided by the Ivercy icons in the Navigation Pane.

Ivercy uses the icons built into Access for it's Ribbon and context menu. So if you are used to working with the Microsoft SCC-Add-In you will be instantly familiar with all the common commands.

Have a look at these screenshots to get a visual impression how Ivercy integrates into Microsoft Access 2013.

Works with MSSCCI compliant source code control providers

Ivercy is not tied to a specific source code control system, it works with all Microsoft Source Code Control API (MSSCCI) compatible source control systems, including, but not limited to Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Sourcegear Vault and Perforce P4.

Ivercy is used sucessfully with the following version control systems.

  • Sourcegear Vault (our internal reference-system)
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Services (including Azure DevOps)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005
  • Subversion
  • Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere

There are MSSCCI provider included, or available by 3rd parties, for these SCM system as well. Ivercy should work with them, however that has not been tested yet.

  • SourceGear SourceOffsite
  • Perforce P4
  • Seapine Surround
  • IBM Rational Clear Case
  • CVS (3rd party proxy tool required)
  • Plastic SCM
  • AccuRev
  • Serena Dimensions
  • Mercurial (3rd party proxy tool required, e.g. hgScc)
  • git (3rd party proxy tool required, e.g. PushOK-GitSCC)

Compatible to the discontinued Microsoft Source Code Control Add-In

Ivercy is compatible to the discontinued Source Code Control Add-In for Microsoft Access that was provided by Microsoft up to Microsoft Access 2010.

There is no conversion necessary. You do not need to upgrade or change you projects in any way to use Ivercy. Just get the latest version of your files from your repository with Ivercy and start working right away.

You can easily go back to using the Microsoft Source Code Control Plug after you worked with Ivercy. Just check in all your work and get the latest version of your project from the repository with the Microsoft Add In. - Done.

You can even use Ivercy while other members of your team still use the Microsoft SCC-Add-In on the same project.

Keep in mind, that Microsoft does not provide a SCC-Add-In from Microsoft Access 2013 onward. But still you are not locked in to use Ivercy forever once you started using it. You can still use the built-in Access-Function LoadFromText and SaveAsText to maintain your Access project with scripts or custom VBA-Code.